♡Chronic Illness/Spoonie Lifestyle♡ ‘Pick-Me-Ups’ for Fellow Spoonies– Simple Daily Things That Could Help to Feel More Positive!

I was just reflecting on one of the list of things I’ve learned to do over the years as simple tasks, which may seem like small things, but can make real difference in my mood and sense of accomplishment at the end of the day– as someone who often goes days or even over a week without being able to leave home
(and gets severe, ruminating anxiety as a result of that, about how my life is passing me by and how I’m not trying hard enough to truly live, and whatnot– that’s a long story for another day, however)

I thought I might share a few of my little ‘Pick-Me-Ups for Spoonies’– many of which I’m sure those of you active in the community have heard before– but some could be new to certain readers, and hopefully helpful!



  • Change out of your pajamas in the morning if possible (or early afternoon, if it takes you a while to wake up), into some comfy, casual, and cute ‘real’ clothes. This has made a huge difference for me, because I used to spend probably 70% of my life in my pajamas– sometimes the same ones for 1-3 days at a time– and when I started changing into a cute and comfy t-shirt and some elastic shorts/leggings in the morning, it gave me more of a sense of ‘normalcy’ and accomplishment!
  • If you live with your family or a Partner/SO– like I do, both actually– who usually fetch the mail and the paper, offer to take on the task of getting the mail/paper  more often. It feels wonderful to get outside for fresh air and morning/afternoon sunshine– especially when your driveway + walk to mailbox is only 5 meters long at most, like mine– and is an easy task that is both a great accomplishment for the day, and a way to help out your family!
  • Connect with other chronically ill/disabled/spoonies online!! I can’t stress this one enough, and there are really spoonie tags and communties everywhere you look: tumblr, facebook, twitter, specialized forums, you name it.
    This has made an unbelievably huge difference in my self confidence and feelings toward my illness– the power I have over it, how my symptoms compare other peoples/what I might be able to expect in certain situations, and how strong I am as a person for living with it every day. It’s so, so empowering, the strength in numbers.
    [another tip! I’d recommend not ONLY narrowing your search for new friends down to people with identical diagnoses to yourself, either, as neat as that can be– I’ve met some absolutely wonderful people with different illnesses to whom I still deeply relate and sympathize with, and with whom we mutually support and encourage each other when needed, and just in general~]
  • Tiny aspects of self-care can be big self-esteem boosts, and feel very satisfying/accomplishing!! I got one of those callus-shaving pedicure rollers a few months ago, and it does all the work for you– just hold the handle and it shaves the rough, scaly, hard skin off the soles of your feet– and then clean my feet, and  rub some body oil and lotion on there… it makes me feel so amazing, and all I essentially did was sit there and barely move my hand around for half an hour!!
    But in my opinion, it’s SO important to take care of yourself and make your body lovely and well-maintained, in the aspects in which you actually CAN control your body, because so much of it is out of our hands when you have chronic illness.
    Take charge of how you CAN make your body even more wonderful, in easy ways like trimming your nails, or having someone else help you with them; I have my BF do mine– he’s Vietnamese, and his mom owned a nail salon, so he knows a lot about manicures (…yes. yes that does sound racist. but I swear it’s the truth LMAO)
  • This isn’t an action so much as a word of wisdom I felt necessary to share, but sometimes, it’s okay to want people to feel sorry for/empathetic toward you. To have someone say ‘oh my god Niko,  that really happened? you poor thing!’ and not have the knee-jerk response of ‘just because I’m disabled, doesn’t mean you should feel sorry for me.’
    Some days, to me, it actually does feel comforting to me to have people feeling sorry for me. I don’t go out seeking it,  but I just wanted others to realize that it’s okay to have days like that. It’s your illness, and your choice how you feel about it.


Well, that’s all that’s coming to mind for now! If I can think of more, I’m probably going to keep this list going, and add it to the top drop-down menu under a spoonie-specific section~

Wishing you all a wonderful day and plentiful spoons!!



[13/9] Minor Site Updates / Questions


  • after looking into some of my new followers and what they’re all about, I’ve decided I want to put some more ‘heart’– more of myself and what I believe in into this blog– though it’s still a beauty blog that will remain at least 80% reviews/swatches/etc or more, I’m assuming. But to reflect that, I changed my tagline– and subsequently, my header, to reflect more of who I am!
  • A guide, for anyone who may be confused:
    • pale: pretty self explanatory lmao.
    • nongendered: I don’t really feel much like a boy or a girl? just neutral or neither, really. I honestly don’t fixate on it, or bring it up randomly unless mentioned/relevant, so you don’t have to worry about this one if you don’t really ‘get it’ entirely– I understand. Also, if you choose to ‘disagree’ with my identity, that is alright, too– as long as you are respectful to me as a person~
    • spoonie“: a self-identifying term used by people with debilitating chronic illness, disability, etc. derived from lingo in the chronic illness community, all stemming from this story, the spoon theory. If you want to be a pal to any ‘spoonie’ friends you may have, I’d recommend giving that a read– but it is a bit of a long one, so find the time to really take it in someday c:
    • beauty blog: this is my blog to post reviews, swatches, and discussion of both western and asian skincare, makeup, and beauty/cosmetics in general! Though I may make occasional life posts or update posts like these, that shall remain the main purpose of this blog until/unless stated otherwise very overtly.
  • New page added to ABOUT menu tab: ☆20 Fun Facts☆.
    Give it a read if you want to learn a little more randomness about me that’s pretty much all unrelated to beauty/skincare~ ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭♡


    • Looking for advice on how to take nice ‘flat lay’ photography? Like, idk where people who take those beautiful photos have that much space to lay things out, and such bright, clean white surfaces, but I’m really interested in trying my hand at it, as it seems really popular and aesthetically pleasing.
    • sorry if it’s weird to ask these things here, but wordpress really isn’t a ‘social network’ as far as I’m aware, so I don’t know where to find advice and information on how to do certain things for my blog, otherwise, hah


[MEME FUN] + [Looking to befriend other Chronically Ill / Disabled / Spoonie Beauty Bloggers!!]

[alternate post title: “I post various photos of my cosplay makeup and swear up and down that it’s relevant to the meme I’m filling out”]


So I went out in search of other spoonie beauty bloggers and ended up actually finding one (not sure if she’d be comfortable with me tagging her here, but regardless), which made me so happy!

She had a meme posted on the top of her blog, which I thought might be fun to fill out myself and post here, so you may all get to know me and my habits a bit better through a little harmless fun~

Also consider this an all call– if you know any chronically ill / disabled / spoonie beauty bloggers, send their urls my way, I’m so eager to make new friends with whom I have that in common~!

I myself am a spoonie w/ Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome III and its many friends (severe Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, etc!)

Now that we’ve got the melancholic sharing aspects out of the way, check out the fun makeup meme-ery below the cut~


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