☆20 Fun Facts☆

here are 20 fun facts– unrelated to cosmetics and beauty–to get to know me better!



1  My natural hair color is really a dull, mousy brown– but I dye it auburn/burgundy red, and prefer to keep it cut shorter than my ears!

2  I am the middle child between two brothers, both of whom have Autism and are absolutely amazing. There is 2 years length of time between each of our births!

 I have a 100lb, 10yo Bernese Mountain Dog named Kirby, and an indoor/outdoor tabby cat w/ white socks named Cheeseburger.

me + Kirby in summer 2016!

4  I will pretty much eat anything so long as it’s covered in my ‘special sauce’ [made of about a 1:1.5 recipe of Japanese Kewpie Mayo, and Sriracha]

it goes. on EVERYTHING.

5 I already know what I would name my children if I had a girl (Sophia ‘Sophie’ Mai) or a boy (Alexander ‘Alex’ Hau)– they’ll either be half vietnamese/half white (if genetic children of mine+bf), or adopted from Vietnam (if we choose to adopt instead)!

6 I have EXTREME misophonia over both the sounds of loud eating/chewing, and knuckle cracking!!

7 But I also have ‘perfect pitch’, musically– you play a note on an instrument, I’ll tell you what pitch on a scale it is, and if its intonation is leaning sharp or flat.

8 I really love me some classic ‘tacky/outdated’ fashion styles of 80’s-90’s– like bright colorblock windbreakers, neon memphis prints, chunky + colorful high-top sneakers, etc!

9 I have ‘central heterochromia‘, which means my eyes are blue, but with a ring of gold-color around my pupils.

this is NOT MY EYE/photo, but it’s the same colors/pattern I have, as example

10  In addition to the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and the chronic fatigue and other physical disabilities that causes me, I was also diagnosed with anxiety and chronic depression at a whopping SEVEN (7) years old.
Some 14-15 years later, we added Avoidant Personality Disorder to the list, as well– the symptoms of which can blend and get a bit difficult to distinguish from my general anxiety on occasion. I am proud to be in treatment, taking medication, and working my hardest to be the best I can in tandem with these conditions, though~

look for zebras, not horses!

11  I have ridiculously tiny baby hands (never met another adult with smaller ones!), and wear size 6.5US/37CH/23.5JP shoes, to match.

⋆12  Standing at a mere 5’3″, I fully realize that when I present more ‘masculine’, I come off looking like an 11yo boy. I do not mind much~

13  I have a truly bizarre fear of being beneath birds as they fly over my head?? (there were a LOT of seagulls at my middle/high school complex. there were rare stories of ppl being pooped on. so.) …. honestly, I just don’t like birds that much!

14  I was a supposed child prodigy at classical ballet as a child; I was the only student my ballet instructor ever agreed to take on for private lessons, and she even ended up landing me a sort of scholarship (at grade school age) to attend some dance conservatory in San Francisco. But in the end, we weren’t willing to uproot my family to move cross-state; understandably, as we’d just moved into a brand new house we’d had custom-built (where I still live now, and have now been in for 15+ years!)

15  There are two shows I could probably recite entire episodes of word-for-word: FRIENDS… and Spongebob Squarepants.

16  I’ve stated my love for foreign languages, but my three favorites (in order) are Japanese, Korean, and Italian!

17  However, I plan to enroll in a class soon to brush up on and soon achieve conversational fluency in my strongest second langauge– Spanish, of all things!

[Solo tome dos clases de español en escuela hace 5-6 años pasado, pero … creo que es facil para mi? oh oh y tambien, yo tengos amigos internet en Mexico/Sudamerica quien yo ‘Español A’ en veces raros (anque todos hablan bastante bien ingles lmao)]

18 Back when I sang in vocal ensembles and took voice lessons, I was the highest of Soprano Ones– singing those ear-shatteringly high notes you hear in the harmonies at the end of choral arrangements~

⋆19 My full name is Niko Julian K. The middle name ‘Julian‘ means the world to me, as I’m named after my mother’s father (my ‘Pops’), who was one of the most kind, loving, beautiful souls I could have ever hoped to have the privilege of knowing in my life.
I waited to change it to that from my middle name at birth (also one which started with a J, and someone significant to my mother, but who died long before I was even born)– until after my grandfather’s death, because it’s against Jewish tradition to name people/things after those who are still living. There is also a long story of why Julian is an important name to him, that makes me even MORE proud to carry it.

⋆20 Though I consider myself to be neutral/ lacking in gender, in terms of gender identity and whatnot, I am not sensitive or easily offended by being misgendered (mistakenly, or otherwise), people who refuse to accept my own feelings about my own life, etc. I prefer to be referred to as they/them/theirs, but I can’t force anyone into anything, and I realize how difficult it can be to change peoples’ minds on such personal, controversial, and relatively novel ideas to western culture.
What’s important to me is that the people I love, who care most about me, support me 100% regardless of how deep of an understanding they can muster on the subject– they love me enough to respect me, regardless!