⋆ Personal Bio ⋆



My name is Niko K! I have a variety of nicknames [Arin, Chai, Mintsu, among others] but most people simply call me Niko~

I’ve been born and raised in California my entire life, and currently live here with my entire family (two brothers + two parents), as well as my boyfriend of almost 2 years, our 100lb dog, and large tabby cat (who seems to think he is a dog, too).

I was born with a chronic illness/disability called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type III, which also comes with some friends like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Postural Orthostatic Hyoptension, Fibromyalgia, Osteopenia, Scoliosis, I could go on… so things like specialist doctors appointments, medications, physical therapies and such are a large part of my life, but I still hope to finish my bachelor’s degree in Linguistics or Journalism some day. My dream jobs have always either been to teach english to non-native speaking children (abroad, ideally, or over webcam, realistically), or to be a professional beauty/lifestyle blogger. I suppose you could say writing is one of the only things I’m fairly decent at without too much effort!

Aside from skincare/cosmetics, my other favorite topic of interest and hobby is linguistics and foreign languages (I’d love to talk to you about your native language or any second languages you speak!), and I currently speak/write fluent English, decent Spanish, beginner Japanese– and whatever French and Italian you can learn from years upon years of ballet and musical training, hah!

Those are just a few things about me that jump to mind immediately. I’m very open to discussing my personal life if anyone is curious via private message, so if you’re curious, feel free to ask any time!




⋆ Likes / Dislikes ⋆


my artist persona [as drawn by rhemechan@dA]


♡ sunscreen, green tea, lavender, mint, enamel pins, holographic stuffs, spicy food, napping, succulents/cactuses, bonsai, diffusing essential oils

✘ humidity, licorice, needles, staircases, anxiety attacks, sweet tea, high heels, cold  showers, celery, losing my eyeglasses!!

⋆misc hobbies⋆ cosplay, drawing/art, sewing, crafts, playing music, bonsai/gardening, singing, struggling to play MOBAs w/ the BF, organizing things, etc.







⋆ Why do I (Niko) Blog? ⋆


an average Niko FOTD

I honestly can’t recall how many different people have recommended over the years that I start a blog of some sort– in recent years, their advice having become specifically come down to the two words “beauty blog”. Their reasons varied from my supposed writing skill, to having a unique point of view (very pale skin, gender identity, etc) and therefore, specific audience to write toward.

And truth be told, I’ve essentially dreamed of being a ‘professional’ lifestyle or beauty blogger since I even found out people could make a living doing such a thing, when I was maybe 12 or 13. However, I’ve always let myself be inhibited by an overwhelming apprehension that nobody– not even my own friends– would read my blog, and it would therefore be some grand waste of time in the end. At that point, I would always give up on my dream.

Now I realize, if writing a blog, taking product photos, practicing html, etc all gives me a hobby I enjoy– a way to pass the time, that makes me happy– where is the harm in having nobody read it?

The only person who has been stopping me all along is myself– and I won’t let that happen anymore. It’s time to follow my dreams!

skincare selfie


So! First review post this weekend, then!
See you soon~



ニコニコ 」

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