☆REVIEW☆ EYEBUYDIRECT.com + My EBD Collection!

Now, I didn’t find out about the site eyebuydirect.com until quite a bit after I did Warby Parker– and when I did, it was by quite a bit of luck and chance. I was munching on some food in the kitchen, undoubtedly– and as I always do, I scanned the island counter-top for some kind of reading material to pass the time as I ate. I happened upon my brother’s copy of Game Informer magazine, and being a casual/lowkey gamer myself (mostly handheld RPGS on 3DS, or MOBAS/ any multiplayer game on PC, bc my boyfriend and I used to be in an LDR), I peeked inside.


I was surprised to find an advertisement for cheap, prescription glasses that offered digital screen/blue light protection filters, and that surely piqued my interest. I was still rather bored, even when I was finished eating, so I went straight to my laptop and typed in the url– I can honestly say, I was not prepared for the extensive variety that awaited me, not just in number of frames available, but in the actual appearance/style of each pair. For someone like me, who craves a unique but affordable pair of glasses, it was like opening a Pandora’s Box in a sense– an incredible, fun selection, that I ended up becoming addicted to buying! Hahah

Below the cut, I’ll share each individual pair with you, and discuss more about the pros and cons of this site, who I’d recommend it to specifically, and what I’d recommend otherwise for people who might be better suited to shopping somewhere else.

Let’s get started~


According to my records on EYEBUYDIRECT’s site, I first ordered from them in April of this year. The first frames I ordered did not end up looking to my tastes on me, so I sent them back as per their 2 week return/exchange policy, and got a different pair instead.

Unfortunately, I do not have a photo to share with you of the next pair I ordered, Hubris in Matte Clear, because for the first time since I was a child, I somehow managed to lose a pair of glasses. They literally fell off my bedside, and I never saw them again (I think they might have somehow fallen into the open trashcan next to my bed and accidentally been thrown away, but regardless–)
Let me remind you that, not only can I not read the big “E” at the top of the eye chart– when I’m the prerequisite 20 feet away from that chart, I can’t see anything on it at all– the letters are all so blurred, the poster looks completely blank. I am never without my glasses, and I get anxiety when I’m separated too long/far from them, so I don’t know how you got away, Hubris, but you were the lightest-weight, most carefree glasses I ever owned, and I loved you. </3


…but don’t worry, I found love on the rebound with this next pair pictured ;0c

Eyebuydirect ‘Mood’ in ‘Transluscent’ | $55 Frames + $92.90 Lenses [1.74 high index, UV + Water Repellent coating]
‘Mood’, worn photo.



The next pair I ordered also happened to be a dud when I put them on, so through pleasant exchange with their speedy customer service, I was able to get them exchanged for one of my favorite and most-used pairs I now own, Mood in Transluscent. When I first saw these, I was captivated by the mix in textures between the clear acetate I had been used to/wearing often on the front, but with metal temples/arms, to change things up. They’re striking, but also leave my face feeling revealed and visible, so I love them to death.





Eyebuydirect ‘Bardot’ in ‘White’ | $29 frames + $86.85 lenses [Plain gray 80% tint + 1.67 high index + UV/Water coatings]
the only worn pic of ‘Bardot’ in existence… and I look rather annoying/obnoxious in it LOL


The next pair I ordered wasn’t actually a pair of glasses, but sunglasses! Because– fun fact– any pair of plain old glasses frames you see and think ‘these would make amazing sunglasses’– CAN be turned into sunglasses! And that’s exactly how I felt about the white Bardot frames— they looked too big to be right for regular glasses on me, but just the right size to make that ‘oversize sunglasses’ look on me without it looking like I’m a child playing in their parents glasses– which is how I usually look in adults’ ‘oversize’ products of all sorts.




EBD ‘Allegory’ in ‘Matte Black’ | $11 lenses + $87.95 1.74 high index lenses + UV/Water coatings]


businessIn the same order as Bardot came Allegory. These are far and away, no comparison, the cheapest glasses frames I’ve ever purchased, at $11. I bought them because it had been a while since I’d worn black frames, but these had the unique touch of a faux-wood finish on the temples/arms that I thought made them look refined, combined with a matte finish, and a frame size that sat comfortably between ‘huge raybans’ and ‘rectangular’. I also wear them when I’m feeling a touch more masculine than usual, because nothing about these says ‘cutesy’ or ‘femme’ to me, if that makes sense?
These glasses, however, are also a fantastic example of why I would highly recommend shopping at EBD if you have a very low prescription, which I will explain below.




EBD ‘Chance’ in ‘Matte Scarlet’ | $25 frames + $115 EYEZEN Digital Screen Protection, 1.74 high index lenses]


the frames’ color looks more like this pic irl than the photo above, just for reference. more dark red than raspberry.


These glasses mean a lot to me because I wore them when I went to say my goodbyes to my grandmother who passed last month, and she brought them up… kind of a weird sentimental attachment, I realize, but these are the result of my long, long-time wish to have and wear red glasses. Maybe I got it from watching anime, I’m not sure, but I’ve always wanted red glasses, so these glasses are apparently the manifestation of that desire. And I love them. I’ve never taken a good picture in them, unfortunately, so you get …that, lmao.










For my example, let’s use my Allegory frames, and the prescriptions of myself (someone with severely poor vision) and my boyfriend (someone who needs glasses to drive and see small words on the tv, but is otherwise not very bad.

[L-R: My prescription -9.00/-8.50 || my bf’s prescription -1.25/-1.00]

Yes, I believe that literally means the vision in my right eye is 9x worse than that of his left eye, but regardless– when I ordered my pair of Allegory frames from EBD, this was my order summary:

total price: $104.30 (noted, this has about $4 of extra lense coatings the one below doesn’t)

Out of curiosity– and when it came time to buy my bf his new glasses– I input his prescription on the same frames, and this is his total in the cart:


total price: $18.35

so you’re telling me…. you can buy glasses… for $18?? I could have fainted. This is not me complaining, something about it being unfair that my glasses were almost 10x more expensive– it makes perfect sense, considering the materials and work it takes to make lenses to my extreme prescription.

This is me saying that if you have a low prescription like my boyfriend, this is a wise place to buy your glasses from– especially compared to Warby Parker, where glasses and lenses are combined at a flat rate (usually $95) regardless of your prescription. Usually for someone with vision like mine, the glasses come out to anywhere between $90-$150, regardless of which site I use, but there are big savings to be had shopping at EBD if your eyes aren’t as useful as potatoes, like mine.

In fact, armed with that new prescription pictured above, my boyfriend has now ordered his first new pair of glasses since 2014 (when he bought some ultra-cheap designer pair on a trip home to Vietnam LOL), a pair of Emory in black coffee from eyebuydirect. With coupon code applied, they cost a total of $40 and some odd cents. Not bad. Pictures to come when they arrive, if I can catch one of him (he’s like motherfucking bigfoot when it comes to getting a good photo of him– refuses to be captured on camera!)




⋆EYEBUYDIRECT– Pros vs Cons⋆


  • Frames range from dirt cheap (I’m talking single-digit prices) to their luxury line ‘RFLKT’, at $70. You can decide to get what you pay for, but those $11 frames from them were just great, no flaws whatsoever.
  • Charge separately for lenses and frames, which can lead to big savings for those with lower prescriptions/better vision (see above)
  • Always have valid coupon deals!! If you’re not getting at least 15% off your order, you’re not ordering from eyebuydirect correctly. [simply google ‘eyebuydirect coupons’ or ‘ebd coupon code’, you’re sure to find something!]
  • HUGE selection– and all glasses frames can be turned into sunglasses, if you choose
  • Responsive, helpful customer service.
  • Able to ‘track’ where they stand in the process of making your glasses (helpful in case you’ve made some sort of mistake in your order, and need to see how far they’ve gotten in making them, etc)


  • Lower material quality than WP– but I mean, come on. You get what you pay for.
  • While they try their best, customer service HAS had some mix-ups with me before– though they remedied them by offering me an extra 20% off the 20% coupon I already ordered with!! So perhaps more of a pro, eh?
  • Doesn’t have a fast/easy way of determining your PD/Pupillary Distance– you’re supposed to measure it on your own, which can be difficult. In the end, I ordered my first glasses from them with the PD set to the default number it was on (63) and apparently that IS my accurate PD, so that’s swell I guess (maybe that’s why it’s set to 63– could be a common value– but I prefer Warby Parker’s method vastly over this)
  • Slower glasses production and delivery than WP, but still relatively fast. Expect your glasses made and delivered within 2 weeks.





Well, I guess that’s all the glasses I have (so far~)

I hope this review was helpful to someone out there~ If you have any questions about my frames or experiences with the site whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to ask– I’m more than willing to offer whatever assistance I can! c:

Until next time, friends~


–「 ニコニコ 」





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