☆SERIES START!!☆ My Glasses Collection from Online Retailers | Warby Parker + Eyebuydirect

While many people who wear glasses often joke about how ‘blind’ they are, I’m quite certain that few of them are actually aware of whether they meet the medical requirements for ‘legal blindness’

For those who are nearsighted/myopic, like myself, the cutoff is -6.00.

So I suppose I have the right to casually joke about being ‘blind’, because this is my actual prescription…


…which I suppose, if you do the math, is about 50% worse than legal blindness. So for a very long time, I thought that my options for glasses were limited to what was sold at my optometrist (and later, opthamologist)’s offices, because my vision was so severe, I’ve always needed the most expensive, high index lenses (and the coverage of my insurance) to ensure that my lenses weren’t at least an inch thick.

I’d say on average, insurance included, I paid around $300 for my yearly glasses upgrade after each annual eye exam (which I receive now as a precautionary measure, after being handed down the Ehlers Danlos diagnosis). The cherry on top? I was never extremely fond or really in love with the designer selection available to me, and was pretty much settling for the frames that I disliked the least– and paying hundreds of dollars for them.

Last year, by some means of serendipitous luck, I discovered the website Warby Parker– and later, eyebuydirect– through, of all things, an ad in my brother’s Game Informer magazine for digital screen protection lenses– and my perspective on buying glasses has never been the same since.

Stay tuned for the next two posts, detailing my entire glasses collection, along with in-depth reviews of the retailers they’re from. Here’s a teaser/ preview!!

[Left: my eyebuydirect glasses (+sunnies)! || Right: My Warby Parker glasses]

First up: Warby Parker!
See you soon~


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