☆REVIEW☆ Warby Parker + My WP Glasses Collection!


Ordering my first pair of glasses from Warby Parker was a game-changer for me in so, so many ways– it marked a massive change in my style and diversity of eyeglasses (which I’ve worn non-stop for around 15+ years), taught me that I can buy quality glasses for a literal fraction of the price my eye doctor’s building sold them at, began my glasses-collection addiction, and so much more.

I’d become interested in buying more unique glasses recently, even buying some dirt cheap clear/light non-prescription frames on yesstyle and taking a bunch of selfies in them to see if they looked any good on me.

Read along below the cut to see how my journey evolved from a simple curiosity and pair of $3.00 frames, to an expanding collection of eccentric frames!


According to Warby Parker, I ordered my first pair of glasses from them– ‘Anders’ frames in Crystal (clear) color– on December 28th, 2016– so I probably received them at the very beginning of the year this year.

Warby Parker ‘Anders’ in Crystal, $95 [+ $30 for my high-index lenses]


Anders, worn [actually. during the trip mentioned below!]


The Warby Parker website itself was where I learned that most glasses come with three standard measurements printed on the inside of the temple– the lens width, bridge width, and temple/arm length. Armed with this new knowledge, I was able to compare the glasses on their site to my pair at the time, and pick frames with a unique color, but a shape and size I knew would be a safe choice.






I bought my next pair on a trip to Seattle with my boyfriend for our anniversary. I wanted to browse the Warby Parker site for fun during a boring cab ride, and my phone ended up randomly, although fatefully, alerting me that there were two physical Warby Parker storefronts in Seattle. I immediately asked the cab driver to change destinations, in hopes of arriving before closing.

Warby Parker ‘Laurel 17’ in Rose Quartz, $95 [+$30 for my high index lenses]
wearing Laurel 17– from the Fenty review~



The store itself was clean and pretty, and the staff was very attentive and kind. I made a beeline the Laurel 17 on display, and it was instant love. Upon talking to an employee to check out, they also ended up finding out that one of the lenses in the Anders glasses I was wearing was a teeny bit wobbly, and added a replacement pair of Anders frames to my new order, free of charge. Their technology/setup in the store was really efficient and high-tech, too, which was notable enough that I obviously still recall it all these months later!




My final pair of Warby Parker glasses is brand new– just arrived within the past week. I got a (successful, I suppose) advertisement email from the store telling me about the release of their fall line, and ended up falling head over heels for the frames called ‘Hadley’ in the color ‘Jet Black’ (the other options are variations on tortoise shells, and don’t ask me why, but I’ve never been a fan of tortoise shell glasses. never.)

Warby Parker “Hadley” in Jet Black, $145 [+$30 for my high index lenses]


that’s 「ニコ先輩」[“Niko-senpai”] to you!


I placed my order on September 14th, forgoing their ‘express shipping’ option because I wasn’t willing to pay an extra $30 shipping (as I’d already paid an extra $30 for my high index lenses). To my shock, they’d already shipped out by the next evening, and arrived at my door 3 days after ordering?? If that’s how fast they deliver without express shipping, what do they do WITH the extra $30– make the glasses right in front of you and place them on your face for you 5 minutes after you order them? Color me impressed.



Now, I’ll talk a little bit more about the technicalities of Warby Parker– the brand itself, some pros vs cons, etc– even a few graded ratings, where applicable!




[packaging: ★★★★★]

between editing my address off the box in this image, and when I wanted to add it to the post, my internet was down for a while, so I got a little… creative….with that boring spare time

Warby Parker does a great job packaging the glasses they send to you, which is impressive considering they send those things out lightning fast. From branding and aesthetics, to the safety of your product– boxes within boxes– you can rest assured your WP glasses will arrive to their destination (you!) safe and sound, along with a high quality case and lens-cleaning wipe. 


inside last pic is the box in back, and inside that is the front box!








  • Can you say FAST shipping? 3 days with their free/included shipping option, from order to in my mailbox, and that’s including my extreme prescription.
  • Quality frames materials. My plastic/acetate frames from them aren’t simply plastic, they have metal running through them to provide structure and sturdiness.
  • Customer service! when an in-store WP employee found out that I received a pair of glasses with a wobbly lense, they promptly sent me a replacement pair, absolutely free (though, see CONS list)
  • Measures the pupillary distance for your glasses with a simple selfie of you holding a credit card– so fast and easy, compared to sites like eyebuydirect which ask you to measure yourself with something like a ruler.
  • In-person stores are clean, well organized, friendly, and efficient.


  • Received a pair of glasses where one of the lenses wasn’t set completely, and wiggles when you rub it to clean it, etc. I don’t think’s in danger of popping out (unless forced?), but not secure. When provided a second, free replacement pair, it had the same issue in the same lense. (my Laurel 17 & Hadley frames have no issues, so it could be that frame type idk)
  • Can be more expensive, for those with lower presciption needs. Glasses are sold with prescription + frame included at a set price (unless you’re as blind as me, and they charge extra for my high-index lenses), so compared to the system EBD uses, those with lower prescriptions might not get as much $$ mileage out of certain frames.
  • Need a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor to be able to order. Thankfully, as a chronically ill person, I practically had my opthamologist on speed-dial to fax me mine– but people like my bf who don’t currently have an optometrist would run into issues.


“I would recommend Warby Parker to…”

  • …someone with a moderate to higher prescription (as opposed to eyebuydirect, which I think is better for those with low prescriptions), and budget to match
  • who is looking to try trendy/unique glasses (WP errs more mature in frame styles)
  • wants to break away from buying from their optometrist’s office/ spending $300+
  • is looking for a company with fast and dependable customer service

There’s always the 30 day, no questions asked return policy if you end up taking the plunge like I did, but have the opposite reaction and DON’T love it.





I guess that’s about it for this post! Thanks so much for reading, and I sincerely hope that somebody out there found this useful or inspiring in some way~

Everyone deserves to wear the cutest, most unique and ‘you’ glasses out there, so don’t limit yourself forever to your tried and true methods, and consider trying some thing new next time you purchase glasses!

UP NEXT: My review + collection of Eyebuydirect.com glasses!

Until next time! またね〜

–「 ニコニコ 」



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