sorry but not sorry?

I recently learned that things like marble, rose gold, pale wood textures, etc are apparently HUGE cliches in terms of blog layouts, and the tastes of bloggers in general. I am no exception.

so for now, I’ve decided to give my blog layout (potentially temporary) overhaul, to make it a little more me, and a little more fun.

which also means A LOT more atrociously tacky and outdated.

honest to god guys, this is coming from someone who wore this outfit to get coffee with an old friend (given, we’re both heavily into street fashion)

messy room messy room aaaaah

I’m currently working on figuring out how to get the side/widget text more readable, but for now, I’m enjoying having a blog that looks a little bit… quirky… until I can really get better at html, formatting, graphic design, and all of that kind of stuff.

so, I’m sorry for the eyesore– but at the same time, I’m really not~

I’m waiting on a pretty exciting cosmetics delivery later today, so expect a review of that later!! I’m literally sitting in the front room of the house so I can be aware of when the delivery man arrives, I’m not kidding hahah. But yes, that’s all!



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