☆REVIEW☆ Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream

It’s about time I reviewed a western skincare product, now, isn’t it?

For the inaugural western beauty review post, I also just happened to chose a product that has been a consistent favorite of mine for a few years now, and which I’m about halfway+ through my second container of (a rarity for me, as I tend to explore products so much, I often never hit pan on many that I buy, let alone go through multiple repurchases~)

I can honestly say that I’ve tried to find a cheaper, asian-er alternative for this eye cream– which can be bought at Sephora at $41, though for only 0.5oz/15ml of product (womp womp)— but have failed to find anything that could come close to having such a pleasant texture, and that provides the perfect amount of moisture under my eyes– to the point where it almost seems to perk me up in the mornings!!


No matter how much I may ever seem to preach about the occasional ‘superiority’ of ingredients and prices among Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese skincare products, this is my one product I can’t seem to one-up somehow– not even a hugely popular or well-known one, either– perhaps it was just made for me, in terms of hitting all the right marks!

Allow me to elaborate~


⋆Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream⋆



[packaging: ★★★☆☆]

This gel/goo/cream comes in a teeny tiny ceramic jar– though unlike the glass deodorant bottle which I reviewed previously, I would sincerely hate to drop this container, because I can tell just by touching it that it’s the sort of ceramic material that would shatter rather badly. Additionally, the lid doesn’t like to screw on all that securely– not to the extent that I’m afraid of it falling off just from carrying around, but to where, if the bottle were to somehow find itself sitting sideways for a while, I’d fear product leaking out as a possibility.

[texture: ★★★★⋆]

I Cannot. Get. Enough. Of this thick, gel-cream texture, how smoothly it spreads on my face, how quickly it sinks into my eyes, but how LONG the moisturizing effects last after application, despite the sinking into such a light layer on my face! To give you an idea of the texture, here’s a picture of me holding it between my (sad, habitually picked-at) fingers, which I hope illustrates the thickness a bit better than my words could.


I admit…I do all kinds of beauty but NAILS. my cuticles are atrocious.

[scent: ★★★★☆]

This product smells very pleasantly– reminiscent of roses, though not in a largely realistic way. Though, I really didn’t notice the degree to which it smelled more like artificial, powdery rose fragrancing until I began to use it in tandem with the Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum (which comes several steps before this cream in my routine, but the aroma lingers until then), a product whose wonderful, incredibly realistic rose aroma makes the Fresh Rose eye cream smell a lot more artificial by comparison.
Regardless– and especially when used without the other product in comparison– it is a very pleasant aroma, in my opinion.

[effectiveness: ★★★★☆]

As with most western eye creams, this cream claims to soothe and solve dark circles and puffiness– and as will all creams that claim this, it pretty much just doesn’t.

It is, however, the most effective undereye moisturizer I’ve ever gotten my grubby little paws on, and I’ve yet to be able to find anything that can stand up to the invigorating feeling it gives me after applying– almost like the dense, but perfectly absorbed moisture– is perking me up just a bit, which is a nice little extra bit of pep in the mornings (especially for those of us spoonies whose chronic pain tends to be extra ache-y, making mornings more difficult for us than for most. any little extra bit that helps is wonderful!)

Not only does it sink in quickly and feel incredibly moisturized upon application, but I find that the moisturized feeling/ effect of this gel-cream feels to last longer than most others I’ve tried in the past.

[overall: ★★★★☆]

In general, I really really enjoy this product– hence why I haven’t been able to find a single product that matches up to it yet, yet alone to replace it with! The price to packaged amount ratio is rather unfortunate for my wallet, and I’m still curious to look into other gel/serum type eye moisturizers out there, but until then…


[repurchase: almost begrudgingly, but yup!]

Sephora — $41 + shipping [depending on membership status]
Fresh.com — $41 + shipping  [official brand website]



Thanks for reading, especially to all of you new followers who joined up in the past couple of days! I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you, and am always open to discussing the products reviewed or answering any further questions down there in the comments section.

Have a lovely evening! バイバイ〜

–「 ニコニコ 」



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