☆REVIEW☆ Nivea Extra Whitening Pore-Minimizer Roll-On Anti-Antiperspirant

This is one of my absolute favorite daily use products which happens to be of general East-Asian origin– and one which I don’t believe we put nearly enough thought into, or due credit towards ones which are deserving: Deodorant!

Though I’m sure I’m far from the first to write one, I don’t know if I can recall ever having read a deodorant review before. As I was reflecting on what to write about today, though, it occurred to me that I had yet to apply my antiperspirant for the day– and when I remembered that the little bugger is from Taiwan, I realized I should seize the opportunity to bring this lesser-discussed topic of beauty and self-care to the table!

Now, I first bought this product as an impulse purchase because it was available for dirt cheap on sasa.com as I was assembling a haul on there, and I also happened to be in search of a deodorant– any deodorant– that wasn’t the sort of chalky stick that I’d been using since I was 11 or 12. After an incident at work in which one exploded in my backpack– covering everything I loved and regularly used in goopy chunks that then reeked of Dove Cucumber Mint for months– I was hell-bent on swearing off any kind of deodorant that could explode in such a horrific manner.

that amount of emptiness reflects months and months of regular use~

So I decided it couldn’t hurt to try this: a cheap roll on, by a brand name I knew and trusted, with some rather outrageous claims (whitening? pore minimizing?? who looks at pit pores?) that I didn’t care as to whether they actually delivered or not– I was just hoping for a stable, trustworthy antiperspirant.

Let’s see if it delivered, huh?



⋆Nivea Extra Whitening Pore Minimizer Roll-On Antiperspirant⋆



[packaging: ★★★★★]

There are a few points to cover on the packaging of this product, the first of which being how it works at dispensing the product. Now, if you live stateside, like myself, then you may be as entirely unfamiliar as I was with this type of deodorant packaging/dispenser when I first received this product. While I’m only used to the main sorts of products sold at drugstores here (the chalky ‘stick’, and the roll up ‘gel’ which is also a pain in the ass), this is a true ‘roll on’, in the sense that it has a hard, smooth ball in the top that literally rolls the product out when you apply pressure and move it around.

And let me just say: I really, really like the applicator. It never leaks product, and it’s next to impossible to dispense too much! I hear this kind of deodorant packaging is a lot more common in other countries where they wear antiperspirant, so good on them for discovering and harnessing this wonderful technology while the US is still stuck with our outdated, horrible packaging…

The other point I’d like to make about the packaging is the quality. The bottle is made of a thick sort of glass– really tough, nice glass, though– because it’s tough enough that when I dropped one of these bottles from a few feet up once, it didn’t even chip or crack! You know me and caps, and the lid for this product screws on just about as securely and tightly as possible, a total win.

As usual, I’m always pretty apprehensive to dole out ★★★★★ ratings, but I really can’t think of any downsides to the packaging on this worth detracting from the rating over!

[texture: ★★★★⋆]

This deodorant goes on like a clear, thin gel, and dries down so quickly that I can swipe it on, reach for a shirt, and pull it on right away without worrying about getting any marks on the shirt. It wears next-to undetectably through out the day (as opposed to the old deo stick, where my underarms always felt dry and…. I hate being so repetitive, but the best word to describe it really is chalky), and to my knowledge, has never left a mark of any kind on my clothes so far, including black shirts and bras.

I really do love how touching under my arm just feels like my natural skin while I’m wearing this, though. It’s not something I often think about– you know, armpits in general– but it’s worlds more pleasant than the deodorant I wore for about a decade before finding this.

Here’s a (rather unflattering?) side by side of my underarm without vs with the deodorant freshly applied, in case that’s helpful at all? I took the photos in my parents’ bathroom, as the lighting in there is sublime, but I definitely got some odd looks from my mother as she got ready for bed after getting home from night shift, hahah….

[Left: Bare Underarm || Right: Underarm immediately after applying Nivea Roll-On]
how embarrassing tho omg

[scent: ★★★★⋆]

This deodorant has a very subtle, clean scent that I absolutely adore. I don’t know how to describe it, like, I can’t name any specific ‘notes’ it has, but it smells clean and fresh, but subtle enough that it doesn’t stand out horribly. It’s probably my favorite deodorant fragrance I’ve ever owned– and trust me, I played around with a lot of those awful scented stick ones aimed at teenagers back when I was first using deodorant.


[effectiveness: ★★★☆☆]

I’m going to be upfront and say that this deodorant would not be the best recommendation for someone who has their own issues with heavy sweating or body odor. I, personally, am pretty much an average sweater with an average amount of body odor, so this product is effective enough to work for me on a day-to-day basis. On the basis of antiperspirance efficacy alone, I’d definitely rate this closer to a 4.

But this deodorant makes some pretty ‘out there’ claims, even on the packaging: Nivea Extra Whitening: “Whitens & Smoothens Skin; Tightens Pores”. I never had my hopes up for any of this blather to be true (nor did I have a reason to, because my pits are already just about as white as the rest of me, and… tightening armpit pores? Is that a problem for people though??), and sure enough, I haven’t seen any results speaking to these supposed effects of the product. I feel for that reason, it’s only fair to lower the score at least somewhat, y’know?

[overall: ★★★★☆]

This is my daily use deodorant, and although it’s a bit of a hassle to get my hands on (I mostly use eBay and buy it in packs of 3, nowadays), I can see myself using it for a while to come. There are a lot of things I like about it– and although it makes some pretty outlandish claims, I never bought into them in the first place, so I’m not disappointed by the fact that they’re not true~


[Repurchase: Already have, and will continue to!]




eBay — $14.95 for x3 w/FAST & FREE in USA
[I’m actually pretty excited to have found this listing, omg]



As always, thank you for your interest and my blog, and for reading my post– but especially in this instance, with all the talk of body odor and armpits! I gratefully commend you for making it all the way here to the end~

Now that I’ve told you about my deodorant, what kind do you guys use? Have you ever tried an East-Asian deodorant, like this one?

I’d really love to know– drop me a comment below and I’d be delighted to discuss it with you!

But that’s all I have for now, so until next time,

–「 ニコニコ 」


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