☆NIKO’s Routine/Regular Products☆ PART 2 [1st & 2nd Cleansers]

Ask anybody who truly knows me, and they’ll tell you that, even as a person with severe chronic fatigue– who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat when they don’t intend to– I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that my face has been washed of any and all makeup, sunscreen, or sweat before I go to sleep. I refuse to initiate rapid eye movement until I have double-cleansed my goddamn skin.

And while that may sound a tad… aggressive… to some, this is really one of the first things you should learn to embrace if you want to get into skincare, or try to improve the condition of your skin, in general: always wash your face before you go to sleep!

When I was a teenager, even if I wore the same makeup for two days, went days without soap so much as touching my face, wore sunscreen and didn’t wash it off for a whole weekend ‘so I didn’t have to put as much on the next day’ (I really hate my past self– so much marching band sun damage….), I always managed somehow to have flawless skin. I was known for it, in some circles.

author’s note: do not attempt to wash face with bonsai tree.

But now, as an adult, I’m not so lucky– but I am smarter, so I have these products to help me stay clean, and the products I’ll mention in the next post, routine PART 3, to protect me from UV rays!

If there’s one more thing I can add before I list the products, it’s that I personally feel like a lot of the product and cleanser pH hype is a bunch of… well, hype. Try and use products that make your skin feel best– not what rates best on the pH scale (as I did with the CosRX Low pH Cleanser, which was not kind to my skin, but I used because pH, guys! pH!!). My current cleanser sits a bit high, around a 7.5-8, but I’ll explain later how it makes my skin feel, and why it’s right for me in spite of that.

With that said, here we go!




⋆CHINOSHIO Clear Cleansing Oil⋆


This product really deserves it’s own full-fledged, review, because I’m SO into it, but wasn’t able to find any other reviews of it prior to taking the plunge and buying it, myself. I was sold on the fact that there’s another cleansing oil by this same brand that’s quite popular in Japan, and this specific product was advertised as smelling like lavender (an affinity which I believe I’ve  mentioned before)

The good news: It works wonderfully, grit city, gets off makeup, love it.
The bad news? It smells more like cinnamon sugar to me than lavender, really– but that’s not even actually bad news to me personally, because I adore cinnamon just as much as I do lavender!


⋆Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil⋆

PLSThis photo file is literally saved in my hard drive as ‘THATlaneigebottle.png‘, because I take personal issue with this bottle. The very top pump piece gets stuck in the downward position a lot, or pops off entirely, and just generally oozes greasy oil onto your hands and your countertop and  bathroom in general as you struggle to handle the bottle and get anything of use out of it, at all.

The product itself is pretty okay– strongly scented of yuzu or some other generic citrus, to the point where I’d put up a red flag for anyone triggered by heavy fragrance– but for me, it’s fine, and gets the job done fairly well. On the off chance that every bottle of this product is so tricky, though–definitely not at the top of my repurchase list.

[editor’s note: this photo. did not want to load. it took 7 attempts at loading and reformating this post just for a PICTURE of the bottle that gives me trouble in real life. I eventually re-saved the file as ‘PLS.png’ hoping that would help… how is this cleansing oil a bitch to me even as a .png file lmao??]





⋆Kose Softymo White Medicated Cleansing Foam⋆


     Back when my boyfriend lived in San Jose, I picked this up at a local Mitsuwa so I’d have a cheap facewash to keep at his parents’ house, and not have to tote one back and forth on my frequent train + bus trips to his city. I picked this product because it was SO CHEAP (I believe some $7 at Mitsuwa, while in Japan it’s a dirt-cheap¥300– less than $3USD), and I trusted the brand name + line ‘Kose Softymo’ because their cleansing oils are popular by word of mouth, and I’d tried and liked them before.
I still can’t believe something this cheap works this well, but my face just seems to love all of the washes from this line– Kose Softymo Hyaluronic Makeup-Removing Cleansing Foam, Kose Softymo White Makeup Cleansing and Facial Foam– I’ve been through many bottles,and have multiple for different uses– all good and reliable– but this is the one I’ve been using recently and had on hand for this review page.
Though the pH values of those I tested are collectively higher than the ‘recommended/ideal’ value, I soon realized that it still does everything I want a cleanser to do for my skin. It makes a gentle but smooth lather on my face that clings to my skin, and washes off easily, leaving no filmy feeling behind. My skin feels moist and clean, but not dry or squeaky clean– so, it hits all the marks! No need to pH test every expensive cleanser on the planet if a $2.78 face wash does what you need it to do, I eventually realized. And since then, it’s been happily ever after with me and the Kose Softymo line of face washes~




Well, that concludes my post about my face cleansers! I’m wearing some makeup right now, and boy do I have the urge to go wash it off and get my face clean clean clean~ ;0;

What first and second cleansers do you guys use? I’m always especially looking for recommendations on first cleansers, because I feel like I’ve never found the ‘perfect’ one for me (though, the Chinoshio is pretty fantastic– maybe my standards are too high!!)

Next post: I can’t wait to write about my variety of regular-use sunscreens! (hint: I have too many for a normal human being)

Until next time! 本当にいつも、

–「 ニコニコ 」





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