When you have skin as sickly-ghost-pale as mine, you often need to devise creative methods of tampering with your skin/base makeup in order to get the shades you buy to eventually acquiesce to match your actual skin tone. The most recent method I’ve devised– which I plan to write a comprehensive post containing many different products and example photos on soon– is to use asian whitening/”tone-up” creams in place of a white mixer, so I can buy a foundation or BB cream based on formula instead of just ‘this is almost remotely white enough to suit me’, then mix in the whitening primer to make it closer to my face shade.


I bought this SON&PARK Beauty Filter Cream– a whitening tone-up cream- for that very reason (that is, to try for mixing in with my makeup, and to have a wider variety of products, including a high-end one, for when I write that future post), and I’m going to be upfront in saying, the most shocking thing about this product for me was the size of the container.

let me just… here’s a size comparison.

it fits in the palm of my ridiculously tiny baby hands, too…

…but you guys are here for some info on the product, not to stare at an old can of my father’s caffeine free Diet Dr. Pepper, right? Then, onto the swatches + mini-review~

[and no… it’s not called a mini-review because the product is really tiny…]



⋆SON&PARK Beauty Filter Cream⋆

Now, because I have not used this product on my face by itself, I cannot give a full and fair review as an individual product. I will, however, make a few remarks based on how it functioned as a white-mixer, and show some back-of-the-hand swatches~

[packaging: ★★★⋆☆]

I will admit, the packaging of this cream is very, very nice in terms of material quality. It’s a thick, frosted glass with the name engraved on one side with silver foiled lettering, and a plastic black lid that screws on well. For the purpose I was using it, however, the wide-open container without a spatula made it very easy to cross-contaminate colors from various other makeup that may be on your fingers into the pure-white cream in the tub, which was honestly extremely difficult to avoid considering I was mixing with a bb cream at the time.

I’m also trying really heckin hard not to detract from the score from supposedly misleading stock photos– which honestly did make the container seem a lot bigger imo than it turned out to be when I received it– but if I had done my research on the actual metric value of the 40g advertised, I would have been well aware of what my $27+ was going toward, so that is admittedly nobody’s fault but my own.

I actually forgot to take the usual photo I do of the container with the lid off showing the product inside, so instead you get a photo I’d like to call ‘fun with decanting’, which is what I was actually doing with the container when I realized I’d forgotten to take the aforementioned reference photos:

decanting into a MUJI 18ml PE tube very slowly w/ a Q-TIP _:(´□`」 ∠):_

[texture: ★★★★☆]

The texture of this cream is rather nice, I suppose. It sinks in quickly and doesn’t feel thick– perhaps due to the low amount of pigmentation that I mention in the next section– but overall it feels fairly good, and l suppose I have nothing to complain about in general in this department. My feelings might be different if I used this as a stand-alone tone-up cream on my face for an entire day, but seeing as I haven’t (because I have no need for such a thing), I can’t speak to that aspect– again, hence the term ‘mini-review’.

[scent: not applicable]

Unlike the SON&PARK Beauty Water (a regular in my routine) which is perfumed, this product has no scent that I can detect.

[pigmentation: ★★★☆☆]

I had to give this cream some credit, because I could notice the difference when I swatched it on the back of my hand (it’s pretty hard to tell in the swatch photos, unfortunately), but as a white-mixer, it’s disappointingly ineffective. I needed to keep scooping and scooping and scooping more to try to adjust the face product I was using (which, honestly, was only a couple of shades too dark for my skin) to actually change color. You can give this as much or as little credence as you believe it deserves, considering the fact that I am using this product for something other than its intended purpose– but in an area where I’ve had much more luck before with other creams of the same sort as this, SON&PARK’s tone-up cream falls short in the category of pigmentation, as far as I say.

[Left to Right: Beauty Filter Cream spread on hand || cream blended evenly into skin]

[overall: ★★★☆☆]

I don’t know what else there is to say about this product that I haven’t already shared. I don’t feel I can provide a full and fair, completely in-depth review given that I didn’t use this product for its intended purpose and take reference photos of such use, but be prepared in the future to see example photos of it in use as a white mix-in for foundations/bb creams in my post about that. as for now….


[repurchase: not for me.]



BeautyBoxKorea — $27.31 + shipping
eBay — $39.95 + $3.50 shipping from SK



Sorry for cruddy review– I intended for this to be a swatch post with a bit of additional info on top, but it ended up turning out more like a review post that was lacking a little underneath!! Like I said a few times, expect to see this product again in a future post (in his cute little MUJI decant bottle~) when I compare him with other tone-up creams as a how-to + comparison for ‘tone-up creams as white mixers’~

Until then!


–「 ニコニコ 」


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