☆SWATCH + REVIEW☆ PeriPera Colorfit Tint Water Gel in 07 redbeanpress

Let me start by saying yes, that’s the actual name of this product in shade #07. redbeanpress; All one word. I felt the need to clarify because all of the preview press I’d seen, as well as the site I bought this from, advertised and sold me shade #07 as ‘Dona Redbean Juice’, though I was reassured by the fact that I had still received shade 07– and after years of using asian beauty and other lifestyle products, studying east asian linguistics (including a lot of Japanese language), and even travel to Japan, if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that inconsistency among translations to English are more than commonplace. In cosmetics, especially, I rather expect them, and am almost more surprised by products with perfectly translated pachaging, hahah.

But anyways, I bought this product mainly because it was advertised directly on the promo material/stock photos as a MLBB– AKA ‘my lips but better’ (also, they use that phrase in Korea? nice~) lip tint– which sounded like a dream come true imo. I live for the longevity of Korean lip tints/stains (I pretty much stopped using all american lip products, save for the occasional–and also long-lasting– liquid lipstick. I literally haven’t bought a twist up lipstick in years), but they’re always such shocking shades of hot pink, red, and orange, which doesn’t match my daily look very well.

in the packaging– which I think is supposed to look like a juice bottle!

Enter: Peripera Tint Water Gel in 07 redbeanpress.


⋆peripera Color Fit Tint Water Gel in 07 redbeanpress⋆

the tube. remind me to take some photos offset to the left, someday. _(:3」∠)_

[packaging: ★★★★⋆]


As if you couldn’t already tell by the photos above, periperi (one of my favorite brands/product lines, by the way) does cute packaging, and they do it well. Not only did they design this juice-themed line to have vaguely juice-themed bottles, but the bottles seal tightly and don’t leak, not to mention that the the product inside– as you’ll see later– are actually wonderful and functional!

This product, like many lip tints, has a doe-foot applicator, which is about as standard as it gets, but is effective at applying the tint when I use the method of my choice for creating my favorite gradient lip (I may explain later in its own post, but it’s ridiculously simple**), so it works perfectly well for me!

**basically just ‘apply lip tint, rub lips together like with lipstick, press lips together and dab away outermost ring with toilet paper–also getting any stray tint so it won’t stain on skin; repeat in layers and with lips pressed closer/less inward together, depending on desired effect’. stupidly simple, I know.

[pigmentation: ★★★★☆]

[fresh, thick swatch –> swatch that was dabbed off after 30sec-1min]

Do note: I did not buy this product for the pigmentation payoff. As such, I was not hoping for a product that was shockingly bright, and wasn’t disappointed when it wasn’t. But then, I got to the point where it was time to wash the tint swatches off the back of my hand (as I retook some swatch photos after doing the lip shots) and let’s just say… I was shocked. But that will fall under the category of ‘longevity’ rating (both of which I split up from the original ‘effectiveness’ I use in my skincare reviews!)

[Left to Right: bare lips || lips w/ a bit of redbeanpress, applied in gradiated fashion]

[note: I was having difficulty taking quality, in-focus photos of myself with the camera I use for blogging (how did we all ‘selfie’ 10 years ago tho), so these were taken with my cell-phone’s selfie cam, until I have access to a tripod+self timer for photos of my own face. Hence the discrapencies in tone and angle… they’re not the best, but I figured it was better than NO on-lip shots!]

[longevity: ★★★★★ +!]

I would give this rating an entire sticker sheet of gold stars if I could– not just on the sheet though, pulled off one by one and stuck onto its glorious little juice bottle packaging.

Now this is the same quality I have come to love and expect from peripera, and they have never let me down with their various lip tints– not before, and definitely not this time, though this is the first time I’ve done skin swatches of them, and i was a bit shocked by what I came to find– even from a tint that was so subtle and ‘MLBB’!!

Here are the hand swatches I showed earlier, compared to the same hand after double cleansing my hand with laneige cleansing oil + kose softymo facewash, scrubbing a little with a face towel, and then just sitting around for a while. To be honest, this photo of swatch stains doesn’t even do it justice– the stains lasted more vividly irl than in these pics on the back of my hand for hours and hours


[color transfer: ★★★★★]

That’s 5 stars meaning the color does not budge or transfer onto anything, of course– cup edges, bf’s lips, the back of my hand, when I rubbed it on my dried, tinted lips for this test– anything.

I’m still trying to think of a way to capture this rating photographically that doesn’t necessarily involve taking ridiculous pictures of me rubbing my lips against something, then proudly displaying the object both before and after I have smudged my face upon it…. I may have to study more beauty blogs’ makeup reviews, and get back to you on that one.

But take my word for it, no transfer. This is commonplace with peripera’s lip tints, however, and I never feel apprehensive about giving my boyfriend a smooch on the lips or face when I’m wearing one!

[overall: ★★★★⋆]

After years of looking for the long-lasting qualities and texture of Korean lip tints/stains, but without the vivid, neon color options that usually came along with that longevity, I have finally found it– the perfect subtle, MLBB, would-last-through-a-nuclear-apocalypse lip tint. Guys, it even tastes kind of good, if you can believe that? (I refer you again to my gradient lip method– somehow, I always end up inevitably getting a tiny taste of each of my lip products at least once through transfer onto my teeth, etc).

The only thing holding me back from rating this a perfect five is the inevitable caking of dried lip and product after long wear toward the inner sides and corners of my lips– though honestly, I’m not sure if there’s any lip tint in the world that doesn’t do that, and if it really is impossible to find one, I’d appreciate if someone told me of that soon, so I could quit getting my hopes up of finding one, ahahah.


[repurchase: Definitely! I might even buy a backup before I ever run out, in case I lose this one at any point~]



Amazon — $19.99 w/free shipping from South Korea
BeautyBoxKorea — $7.62 shipping not included [where I purchased mine!]
eBay — $8.99 w/free shipping from South Korea



That about sums up the first makeup review I’ve ever written! Please tell me if there’s any way I can improve the points I touched upon and so on, because I’d really like my blog to be the best it can possibly be– I know I’m certainly trying my hardest~

Up next will be a review of a Dr. Jart+ Makeup/Skincare in-one product as a request for a friend, who is interested in trying it himself and would like to see how I feel about it first!

Hope to see you all soon, thanks so so much for reading!!


–「 ニコニコ 」


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