☆NIKO’s Favorite Sleeping Packs– 2 Reviews☆ Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask + Laneige Water Sleeping Mask [Refill Me! Lavender Ver.]

One of my favorite things about going to sleep at night is putting on my sleep pack/mask– the final step of any devoted nightly skincare ritual! I’ve used countless sleeping packs over the years since I really became ‘hardcore’ into asian skincare, but right now there are two that really stand out to me, to the point where I really don’t use any others but those two– depending on what needs I want to address that night, as they have different ingredients and textures which serve different purposes!

guest starring my mame-shohin bonsai; his name is “まめまるさま”[Mamemaru-Sama] and he is over 5yo but under 5in tall ♡♡
I thought I might do an in-depth review of both of those masks, given my undying love for both of them, because I feel the world really needs to know about their greatness, hahah!

Let’s get started!




🍉 Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask 🍉


I’ll be totally honest– I always thought Glow Recipe was just a store that imported Korean skincare products and sold them at questionably marked-up prices. So when I heard they came out with their own line of skincare, I wasn’t exactly running to buy or try them. But I took note of the rave reviews for this product on Sephora’s website, and the next time I was at my local shop, I inspected the tester.

Still being completely upfront with you all, I definitely bought this solely because it smelled like the L’Oreal Kids watermelon shampoo I used growing up.

….c’mon, anyone? I can’t be the only one

But when I used it that night, and washed it off in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll explain it later, so onto the review~

[packaging: ★★★★⋆]

openwatermelonthinThis would have gotten a solid 5 stars had it been more sanitary– jar packaging is not my favorite thing in the world– but it does include its own nice little spatula, so that’s lovely. Regardless, this packaging is pretty much… gorgeous? It’s a solid, thick glass container in a wavy, artistic design, with a metal lid. The quality is undeniable, and to be honest, I’m not sure how well a product with this sort of odd texture would work in a pump bottle, especially considering how little you need to use.
Definitely one of the prettiest containers in my cosmetic collection, though~


[texture: ★★★☆☆]


This sleeping pack has a unique texture, if I’ve ever felt one. It’s a gel, that’s almost… greasy, to the touch, and leaves your fingers feeling greasy until you rub it into your skin completely. But when you rub the mask into your face completely, it doesn’t leave any kind of greasy residue on your face, or transfer onto your pillow/hands/etc when touched– it just feels so delightfully moisturized and soft. SO SOFT.

The problem I find with this mask, however, is that if you apply too much all at once, it seems to pill up and roll off your face, as if to tell me that I’ve used too much– and I end up having to towel off my face lightly and reapply in a lighter layer. This was extremely frustrating and annoying the first few times I used the mask, because I’d always take a spatula-full and try to spread it on, only to have it pill off– at this point, I’ve thrown hygiene to the wind, and just dip my fingertips in the jar to get the right amount, which I’ve figured out pretty well by now.

[scent: ★★★★★]

Let me preface this by saying that, judging by reviews I’ve read on r/asianbeauty and sephora.com, the perfume of this product is a little something like, say, cilantro— either you LOVE it, or you HATE it.
Personally, I am a little obsessed with it, as is my boyfriend. It’s a major upside to this product for me, because it lingers on my face for a while with the aroma of sweet watermelon candy, and because my boyfriend loves it too, he tends to sniff and kiss my face a lot– according to him, “Because I actually want to taste it, but I know it won’t taste good, so this is the closest I can get.”
So, let’s review: effective product + tasty smell + extra attention/love from BF? I can live with that.

[effectiveness: ★★★★⋆]

This is the aspect of this product that truly shocked me. I can honestly say that most, if not all other sleep packs I’ve ever used were simply final layers of moisturizer or occlusion, to seal in moisture through the night. This mask was different. From the first use, after washing it off in the morning and patting my face dry, I was genuinely pleased by how much smoother the texture of my skin seemed, and how bright my complexion appeared. I don’t generally expect noticeable results from any product after only one use, so that pleasant surprise almost instantly made this product worth the hefty $45 price tag for me, given it continue to show such positive results.
Every time I use this mask, my face feels baby soft both while I wear it, and after washing it off. The AHAs seem to be extremely gentle, because I can use it around my eye area and on other sensitive spots that may spring up now and again, and it never irritates my skin.
Consider me very impressed.

[overall: ★★★★⋆]

Overall, I really enjoy using this product– to the point where I look forward to going to sleep sometimes, just so I can put on the mask (yeah, I know.) and am genuinely impressed by the quality of the packaging, and the effectiveness of the product, itself. The price is a bit much, but considering how much product actually leaves the container each time I use it, I feel it will last me quite a while before I need to replace it, which leads me to my next point…

[repurchase: the moment I run out– maybe sooner!]

Sephora — $45.00 + shipping [depending on membership level]
Glow Recipe — currently unavailable





Laneige Water Sleeping Mask [Lavender Ver.]


Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask is something of a classic/staple in regards to sleep masks– the sort they even sell at some Target stores here in the US, in the original unscented version. I had always been mildly interested in trying it, but at the price, there was nothing truly special about it that jumped out at me and made me want to pull the trigger and buy it.

And then: Lavender.

To anybody who doesn’t know me (so, all of you?), I am a huge fan of anything lavender scented, and when they came out with the special “Refill Me!” versions of this mask (I believe as a charitable endeavor of sorts) including one in Lavender scent, I was S-O-L-D.

Though the scent is faint, and fades more quickly than I’d like, I ended up finding a lot to like in this product other than the parfum~

[packaging: ★★★☆☆]

openlavenderslimHonestly, the packaging is rather pretty– I’ll give it that much. But it comes in a large tub– unfortunately, no spatula included, as with the previous product– and my biggest caveat with the whole thing is that the lid never seems to screw on tight enough that I’d feel comfortable toting this product around. I can screw it on as hard as I want, and it almost seems like by the next time I pick up the tub, it’s wiggling about again! Few things bother me more about packaging than when a tub’s lid won’t twist on securely (though, I reserve my most avid hatred for the packaging on those cosRX creams, where twisting the lid on as tightly as possible then pops them ‘untwisted’ again– aaagh!)

[texture: ★★★★⋆]

lavendertextureThis sleep pack has a really satisfying texture– decidedly moisturizing, but light enough that it sinks in fairly quickly, and leaves my face feeling fresh and moist, instead of ‘weighed down’ with a sort of layer on top of my face, like other occlusives I’ve used. I’ve heard some say it’s not occlusive enough, but since I have ‘normal’ skin type, it’s just perfect for me.


[scent: ★★★★☆]

As I said, I’m a huge, huge fan of lavender scent (I actually have an essential oil diffuser running with a lavender+mint oil mix perfuming my room as I type this!), so I was not disappointed by the aroma of this sleep pack. I was, however, slightly sad by how faint it was, and how quickly it faded–which would likely be strong points in any other product, but considering that this is the special Lavender Edition of another product that otherwise already exists, I suppose it’s not unreasonable of me to have expected more of a lavender overtone to the whole thing?

[effectiveness: ★★★★☆]

Referring again to my earlier statements, most sleeping packs that I’ve encountered are meant to serve as occlusive or simple moisturizing layers, and this product is no different. It does, however, do a splendid job at this intended function, providing the perfect level of occlusiveness without being heavy, and light feeling without being ineffective, as I explained earlier.

Additionally, I find that this cream is also effective as a final layer during the daytime, if my skin is feeling irritated or dry (I’ve had a series of mysterious contact allergic reactions recently all across my face, and they leave my skin extremely dry after the dermatitis disappears; actually getting a patch test done for that soon– wish me luck ; v ; ), and when I use it during the day, it doesn’t make my face feel feel sticky or heavy at all, just extra-moist and happy!

[overall: ★★★★☆]

This product also truly, pleasantly surprised me– though as you’ll come to see, I tend to have rather low expectations of everything (it helps shield from potential disappointment!).  It really strikes the perfect balance of occlusiveness and moisture ‘weight’/thickness for my ‘normal’ skin type, and the lavender scent is a huge plus, as well.
Generally, I use this as my ‘daily’ sleep pack, where as the Watermelon Glow sleeping mask is more of a once-twice a week ‘special treatment’ pack.


[repurchase: ??]

If I’m at the point where I can afford it when I run out– yes. Otherwise, it’s a bit out of my price range. But I’d love to get more somehow when I run out!

Amazon — $26.60 w/Prime Shipping
eBay — $29.99 w/Free Shipping from USA 





Phew, that took quite a while to  photograph, edit photos, edit graphics, write, edit, etc… blogging is a hard gig! If you read this post, I hope you know how much I appreciate your validation of all my hard work _(:3」∠)_



–「 ニコニコ 」


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