☆My Pale Asian BB Cream Collection — 4 Swatches☆ Skin79 Lovely Girl, Dr. Jart+ Premium, BRTC Jasmine Water, Missha Perfect Cover 13 BB Creams

I’m sure any of you out there with skin even close to as pale as mine know the struggle of trying to buy Asian BB creams– almost all come in the two tones, “21” and “23”, both of which are simply fated to be several shades too dark for your skin. Sometimes, they branch out into lighter or darker shades like “19” or “25”, but they’re generally only suited for the target market of warm-toned, average asiatic skin, in variations of paler and tanner– not usually for pale, neutral-toned white people like myself, or people of darker races.

To be honest, I wonder how even countries as ultimately racially homogenous as Japan and Korea (where most all residents are obviously Japanese and Korean, respectively) can fit into the same two shades in all of makeup, because even the Japanese and Korean people I know here in the US all have such a wide variety of skin tones (one of my Japanese friends gets so ridiculously tan in the summer, his skin tone could easily pass for afro-latino!).

But I digress– in this post, I’ve assembled four of my favorite light, neutral to cooler-toned asian BB creams, with hand swatches and a full-arm comparison swatch, in various lighting. I hope it might prove helpful to other pale people like myself who have been known to spend hours scouring the internet for swatches of the lightest bb creams and swatches of them in use on lighter skin!!

Let’s get started~


⋆ The Lineup ⋆


Left to Right:

Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream
Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm
BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in no.13

[Just to note: The BB cream I used in the later full-arm swatch is not actually from the full-size Dr. Jart+ Premium bottle pictured here– that’s just for reference. It’s by far the oldest item (in terms of when I purchased it) shown in this line-up– and though it’s not set to expire until next year, it immediately became apparent to me when I squeezed out a bit for the swatch that the color and consistency was totally off, and not at all as I remembered it. Thankfully, I received a new Deluxe Sample of the same product from Sephora not too long ago, and that seemed to reflect the product as it always looked on me before, so– the bottle you see here is just for show!]

the spoiled swatch on my arm (compare to later swatch)


⋆ SKIN79 Lovely Girl BB Cream ⋆


Raise your hand if the SKIN79 Super Beblesh Balm BB Cream in that little hot pink cylindrical pump was one of your first ever AB purchases, if not BB creams? ….. I’d be more than willing to bet you’ve got a timid hand held in the air right now, don’t you? It’s one of those staple Asian Beauty products that managed to permeate the western beauty culture sphere (despite being, in my opinion, not too great, and very well known for how utterly grey it is!)

What you probably DIDN’T know is that SKIN79 has expanded their product base past their line of odd pump tubes of varying colors, and into different BB creams, and even some skincare products! I found this BB at random– as I sometimes browse a site’s collection of BB creams to see if there’s one I’m not aware of (and if so, how light it is)– and was surprised to find that, at the time, it was sold for about $9 on Amazon Prime (though I’m sad to say, this is no longer the case :<).

This BB cream has a matte finish

[Left: Indoor lighting | Right: Natural/window lighting]
opaque swatch –> blended out



⋆ Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm ⋆


Since becoming noticed and subsequently carried in part by Sephora, this BB cream and other Dr. Jart+ has become easily accessible in the US. If I remember correctly, this BB cream was one of the first products that sephora began carrying from Dr. Jart+, and of Asian Beauty brands in general (aside from Shiseido, which has been mainstreamed in the US for decades, ofc).

I bought mine from Sephora several years ago, hence why this bottle here is probably past its prime (though the expiration date reads 2018, ugh), and while it fit my skin tone closely enough when I first received it, and I’ve used it a few times since, I always seem to stray back to the very first asian beauty product I ever bought around age 12– the Missha Perfect Cover in 13 [see below].

[Left: Indoor lighting | Right: Natural/Window Lighting]
opaque swatch –> blended out

[bonus photo:]

mama Jart and baby Jart





⋆ BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream ⋆


To be honest, I didn’t know this brand ‘BRTC’ actually existed until I saw hints of their BB creams on sasa.com, and then eventually found out that this Jasmine Water BB was supposedly very fair and cool-toned in hue, through other beauty blog reviewers. I later discovered that they sell a lot of skincare and bb cream type products, most of which I’ve seen on koreadepart, but this appears to be one of their most popular, featured products.

The first thing that comes to mind for me about this product, having used it multiple times now, is the smell. It is very heavily scented with a sweet, sweet perfume, so to any of you who are sensitive to perfumed products, I’d count this one out from the get-go. Otherwise, it looks pretty nice on my skin, and stays rather moist throughout the day, which is a plus for when your skin may be feeling drier!

Another notable downside– which I’m not the first person to be miffed about– is that the bottle is quite large– creating the initial illusion that you’re receiving a lot of product– but it only comes about 2/3 of the way filled, at most. Not a big enough problem for me to detract from the product, if I were giving it a rating on a 5-point scale (as it’s not an actual aspect of the bb cream, itself), but still kind of underhanded imo…

Swatch time!:

[Left: Indoor lighting | Right: Natural/window lighting]
opaque swatch –> blended out





⋆ Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream no.13 ⋆


This product holds a special place in my heart, not only as the first asian beauty or makeup product I ever purchased–around 13 years old– but as that BB cream that I always seem to keep going back to, even almost a decade later.

I’d venture to say that this is also one of the most well-known Korean products overseas– including in Japan, as I bought myself another tube of this once from a stand selling Missha products (though, mostly just this BB cream!) on a walk down Takeshita-dōri in Harajuku before~

It’s quite funny to me to be able to say that my very first AB cosmetic is still one of my absolute staples, but this BB cream in no.13 essentially comes closest to my natural, neutral-toned skin-tone without the use of a white-mixer (which, to me, slightly defeats the purpose of a lightweight, easy-to-use BB).

Here’s some swatches:

[Left: Indoor lighting | Right: Natural/window lighting]
opaque swatch –> blended out




⋆ Full-Arm Comparison Swatches ⋆


[Swatches in average indoor lighting]





[swatches in the natural light of my patio door/window]





Before I go, I’d like to warn anybody who may already read or follow my blog (I cannot thank you enough, by the way– you are so incredibly kind!) that I may be undergoing a URL change/overhaul in the coming days, due to a slightly impulsive change of heart?

I have two nicknames, really (Chai being one of them, but ‘Niko’ being what everyone calls me in daily life, including my boyfriend, friends, how I introduce myself, etc) and am thinking of changing the blog title to a Japanese pun that reflects my more commonly used name, which is easier to pronounce. It would be best to do so while the blog is still fresh and new, after all?

I’ll let you all know if I go through with the changes, obviously, so you’ll still know who this is~

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this swatch post! If there’s any one product you have questions about, or would like a full, multi-point review of, just let me know and I’d be more than happy to help you!

As always, constructive criticism and feedback on my blogging technique is welcome and encouraged, as I am still learning with each post~


–「 ニコニコ 」


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