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just a clerical note here– I’m changing the URL and identity of this blog while I’m still getting it off the ground, to avoid any confusion later on, if I ever gain any sparse following of sorts~

the new blog title and tagline– based on the name that most people call me in real life– is:



the latter of which [‘itsumo nikoniko utsukushiku’] is mostly nonsense/silliness I came up with to ease my nerves at the dentist today, which almost means ‘always smiling beautifully‘.

hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion! thanks for reading, as always~


–「 ニコニコ 」


☆My Pale Asian BB Cream Collection — 4 Swatches☆ Skin79 Lovely Girl, Dr. Jart+ Premium, BRTC Jasmine Water, Missha Perfect Cover 13 BB Creams

I’m sure any of you out there with skin even close to as pale as mine know the struggle of trying to buy Asian BB creams– almost all come in the two tones, “21” and “23”, both of which are simply fated to be several shades too dark for your skin. Sometimes, they branch out into lighter or darker shades like “19” or “25”, but they’re generally only suited for the target market of warm-toned, average asiatic skin, in variations of paler and tanner– not usually for pale, neutral-toned white people like myself, or people of darker races.

To be honest, I wonder how even countries as ultimately racially homogenous as Japan and Korea (where most all residents are obviously Japanese and Korean, respectively) can fit into the same two shades in all of makeup, because even the Japanese and Korean people I know here in the US all have such a wide variety of skin tones (one of my Japanese friends gets so ridiculously tan in the summer, his skin tone could easily pass for afro-latino!).

But I digress– in this post, I’ve assembled four of my favorite light, neutral to cooler-toned asian BB creams, with hand swatches and a full-arm comparison swatch, in various lighting. I hope it might prove helpful to other pale people like myself who have been known to spend hours scouring the internet for swatches of the lightest bb creams and swatches of them in use on lighter skin!!

Let’s get started~


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☆REVIEW☆ Sidmool Natural Whitening Waterfull Cream + Sidmool Vitamin C Energy Waterfull Gel

I thought it might be best to dive right into my blog with a review of a couple of products I’ve been really loving for the past few months– two light moisturizers by a lesser-known, ‘natural’ Korean skincare brand called ‘Sidmool’.

Please excuse any awkwardness in formatting, as this is obviously my ~first ever~ blog review of a cosmetic product, but I’m going to try my best to be in-depth, and share the sort of information that I like to see when I read other peoples’ blog reviews, myself!

Here goes!


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